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PLEASE READ: BnR's Rock n' Rescue Adoption Process:

1. An application must be submitted via our website in order to set up a Meet & Greet with our adoptable dogs. If we have multiple applications for the same dog/s we review all applications to evaluate details that will encourage the best fit for all involved. Meet & Greets will be conducted on neutral ground at our Bark n' Roll (BnR) daycare and training facility unless otherwise discussed and alternate location approved. 

2. RnR will contact you via email or phone if you seem like a match for our adoptable. If you are not currently a match for our adoptable dog/s we will keep your application on file should you wish to inquire about a future adoptable pup.

3. RnR will contact your references via phone or email after our initial phone call. We must hear back from your references in order to move forward with a Meet & Greet.

4.  After speaking with your references, we will contact you to schedule a Meet & Greet.  The Meet & Greet will require all people and dogs living in your home to be present so that we can assess behavior and dynamics to determine if this is a good forever fit for all. If all people and pups are excited about starting a new life together, we will finalize the adoption! If all goes well at the Meet & Greet you will likely be able to take your new furry family member home immediately! 

5.   All of our adopters are required to enroll their adopted RnR dog in our 6-week positive reinforcement group training class OR to schedule a private session (due to scheduling restrictions and/or home distance too great to attend a 6-week class) with one of our certified force-free positive trainers within 90 days of adopting.  Despite keeping a waitlist for our training classes and private sessions, BnR's Rock n' Rescue is pleased to offer the above-mentioned required training services FREE of charge! If you elect to find another positive trainer closer to your home we will need to approve of the training and receive a certificate at the end of the training within 90 days of the adoption date as proof of completion of the program.

If you elect to attend a group class closer to your home, we require proof of certificate of enrollment and completion to ensure our adoptable dog has not been or will be subjected to aversive methods (e.g., shock, prong, pinch collars, harsh verbal commands). If you would like our help in choosing a positive trainer near you just let us know. We are happy to help research! These requirements are to ensure the step to positively train and bond with your dog is taken. This helps to prevent potential behavioral issues and adoption failures and saves more lives! A contracted commitment to your new family member to use solely positive reinforcement and force-free methods is required in order to finalize your adoption.  

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